Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Business, a Birthday, and a Surprise!

Jenn has been making tiaras!  I think they are quite lovely, this is the first she made, what do you think?  She made a copper as well, both are up in the shop, along with a new locket and other beautiful things!  I have been helping her with colors, and Janet and I together have been helping her sort silks for wrap bracelets:

Stella and Janet helping sort wrap bracelets

Sorting More Silks

We've had such a lovely time!  And Jenn's youngest, Tobias, had his second birthday back on March 2nd, such a cute little boy.  Jenn claims he has hit the terrible twos, but he is always so sweet to Janet and myself.  Then Jenn's birthday was two days ago, and to all of our surprise... someone new moved in.  Jenn's friend Charissa funded her arrival, she is quite a friend, no?

Meet Rade!

Now, Rade is no ordinary girl... she is actually a water nymph from not too terribly far from where I lived before I moved here. Where? No, no, I cannot tell you that. Not yet.

Janet, Rade, and Stella

Here we all are together, do you like my new dress?  Jenn's dear friend Rachel made it for we girls!  Is it not lovely?  Alright, off I go, things to do before bed.  Speak to you soon!

Reach for the stars always...