Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Business, a Birthday, and a Surprise!

Jenn has been making tiaras!  I think they are quite lovely, this is the first she made, what do you think?  She made a copper as well, both are up in the shop, along with a new locket and other beautiful things!  I have been helping her with colors, and Janet and I together have been helping her sort silks for wrap bracelets:

Stella and Janet helping sort wrap bracelets

Sorting More Silks

We've had such a lovely time!  And Jenn's youngest, Tobias, had his second birthday back on March 2nd, such a cute little boy.  Jenn claims he has hit the terrible twos, but he is always so sweet to Janet and myself.  Then Jenn's birthday was two days ago, and to all of our surprise... someone new moved in.  Jenn's friend Charissa funded her arrival, she is quite a friend, no?

Meet Rade!

Now, Rade is no ordinary girl... she is actually a water nymph from not too terribly far from where I lived before I moved here. Where? No, no, I cannot tell you that. Not yet.

Janet, Rade, and Stella

Here we all are together, do you like my new dress?  Jenn's dear friend Rachel made it for we girls!  Is it not lovely?  Alright, off I go, things to do before bed.  Speak to you soon!

Reach for the stars always...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Mysterious Letter

Every girl should have a set of pearls!
Do you like the pearls? They are up in the shop now! Jenn has officially started putting up lovelies for we smaller ladies :) Check out the section in her shop!  New Section :)

Now, on to other interesting things... I am certain that you all are very curious to hear about that mysterious letter I left you with last time. What was it? Who was it from? It happened to be from a dear friend of mine, a sweet girl named Janet from the Isle of Skye in Scotland (her family has lived there for ages). She is quite the traveler, her job involves wandering around and locating old documents full of myths and legends and such. Anyway, she has decided she would like to move away from Skye... and after speaking with my dear Jenn, she has decided to come here! To live with us! And so, a few days ago...

Stella happily greets Janet

"Bonjour, Janet!"

"Stella, tis verra good te see ye lass!"

She arrived! I had not realized how much I missed her until she came, it is good to have another close friend here. I think she is settling in quite nicely...

Stella and Janet sit down to read together

We share a "room" on Jenn's shelf top, she fixed Janet a temporary bed right next to mine. Jenn's younger daughter (middle child), Juliana, brought Janet the sweetest bear from the store. She is such a dear girl. I will try to get Jenn to take some pics of our "room" and Janet's bear this week. Oh! Did you see Janet's new dress? Jenn sewed it, she did well, do you not think?

Off to help her finish more jewelry before bed. Speak to you soon!

Reach for the stars always...

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Place Of My Own

I have been continuing my work here, helping Jenn with hers.  She and her entire family have been quite ill for the last two weeks and she has been struggling to keep up.  Fortunately, with my help of course, she has managed to finish a few new pieces and even designed earrings.  I am rather proud of her, they are sweet and simple, and I think quite elegant:

She also made me a necklace all of my own, which I was quite touched by.  It's a little brass charm stamped with an "s".  I told her she needs to do more stamping, because I think it is lovely and she agreed.

We have been reading a book together called "The Sweet Far Thing" by Libba Bray, she told me that it is the third in a trilogy and I am rather sad I wasn't here for the first two because I am so enjoying this third.  It is maddening sometimes, but quite exciting... I look forward to continuing it.

Jenn decided that sleeping on the bead table was just not cozy enough and has converted the top of a set of her shelves into a temporary bedroom (she has visions of grandeur for building me a proper bed and wardrobe).  Until then I have a sweet little bed on a carpet of soft white felt, brown cotton "mattress" and a soft white pillow and "sleeping bag".  She also was so sweet to give me a perfectly sized teddy bear that was hers when she was a girl.  I am loving it here more each day.

I received a most interesting letter from a friend of mine... but we will save that until next time.  Sweet dreams!

Reach for the stars always...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Introducing Stella

Hello!  My name is Stella, or at least... that is what I go by, and I just moved to the beautiful state of Oregon.  It seems to be very beautiful here, the weather has been shockingly nice for February, or so my new friend, Jenn, tells me.  It doesn't phase me though, I'm from a place that has winters even colder.  Where?  Terribly sorry, but that's classified information.  Perhaps someday...  Anyway, I'm settling in, I've been here about a month now.  

Jenn has taken up sewing in order to attempt to bolster my wardrobe, she warns me that she isn't very good (she was never taught really).  She does promise to keep it up and get better though.  So far I have two dresses she made, one of which you see in my photograph above... she's very proud of this second attempt.  I'm also wearing my very own wrap bracelet she made me of the loveliest hand dyed silk!  It's so soft and beautiful, she promised me others when I have new outfits to match.  She also made the necklace, though that isn't mine to keep, it will be up for sale at some point (if you are interested, please do contact her).  She and I have decided that making jewelry for my distant relatives seems a fun and worthy prospect to go alongside the jewelry she already makes for everyone else.  

I'm enjoying my new family (though the younger set are a bit loud and rather... exuberant) and they seem quite fascinated with me (which I must admit, is rather flattering).  I currently am spending the majority of my time at the bead table, reading and listening to Alasdair Fraser or Ingrid Michaelson.  I am still quite put out that Jenn did not take me to see Ingrid Michaelson when she went earlier this month, but she promised to take me when she goes again in April!  I am hoping by then she will have created a more fashionable outfit for me... and more jewelry of my own.  

It is bedtime for the girls now, the youngest is in bed, I had best go help Jenn get them into bed.  I look forward to sharing my world with you... and perhaps I will even give you glimpses into my past as well.

Reach for the stars always...