Friday, February 17, 2012

A Place Of My Own

I have been continuing my work here, helping Jenn with hers.  She and her entire family have been quite ill for the last two weeks and she has been struggling to keep up.  Fortunately, with my help of course, she has managed to finish a few new pieces and even designed earrings.  I am rather proud of her, they are sweet and simple, and I think quite elegant:

She also made me a necklace all of my own, which I was quite touched by.  It's a little brass charm stamped with an "s".  I told her she needs to do more stamping, because I think it is lovely and she agreed.

We have been reading a book together called "The Sweet Far Thing" by Libba Bray, she told me that it is the third in a trilogy and I am rather sad I wasn't here for the first two because I am so enjoying this third.  It is maddening sometimes, but quite exciting... I look forward to continuing it.

Jenn decided that sleeping on the bead table was just not cozy enough and has converted the top of a set of her shelves into a temporary bedroom (she has visions of grandeur for building me a proper bed and wardrobe).  Until then I have a sweet little bed on a carpet of soft white felt, brown cotton "mattress" and a soft white pillow and "sleeping bag".  She also was so sweet to give me a perfectly sized teddy bear that was hers when she was a girl.  I am loving it here more each day.

I received a most interesting letter from a friend of mine... but we will save that until next time.  Sweet dreams!

Reach for the stars always...


  1. Hello Stella! I love your necklace and the cute little teddy bear your Jenn gave to you! She is such a sweet person, isn't she? :)

    1. Hello Rachel! It is lovely to meet you! Thank you, I am so glad you like my necklace and I am so very fond of my bear. Jenn has been perfectly kind, I am so happy to have a place to live where I feel loved :)