Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Mysterious Letter

Every girl should have a set of pearls!
Do you like the pearls? They are up in the shop now! Jenn has officially started putting up lovelies for we smaller ladies :) Check out the section in her shop!  New Section :)

Now, on to other interesting things... I am certain that you all are very curious to hear about that mysterious letter I left you with last time. What was it? Who was it from? It happened to be from a dear friend of mine, a sweet girl named Janet from the Isle of Skye in Scotland (her family has lived there for ages). She is quite the traveler, her job involves wandering around and locating old documents full of myths and legends and such. Anyway, she has decided she would like to move away from Skye... and after speaking with my dear Jenn, she has decided to come here! To live with us! And so, a few days ago...

Stella happily greets Janet

"Bonjour, Janet!"

"Stella, tis verra good te see ye lass!"

She arrived! I had not realized how much I missed her until she came, it is good to have another close friend here. I think she is settling in quite nicely...

Stella and Janet sit down to read together

We share a "room" on Jenn's shelf top, she fixed Janet a temporary bed right next to mine. Jenn's younger daughter (middle child), Juliana, brought Janet the sweetest bear from the store. She is such a dear girl. I will try to get Jenn to take some pics of our "room" and Janet's bear this week. Oh! Did you see Janet's new dress? Jenn sewed it, she did well, do you not think?

Off to help her finish more jewelry before bed. Speak to you soon!

Reach for the stars always...


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    1. Sorry, I removed the comment because I needed to edit it...I made a lot of mistakes...LOL! I haven't been to sleep yet today and I'm a bit tired. :)

  2. I agree with you Stella...Jenn did a very nice job indeed in sewing the new dress! Your Jenn is very talented. I'm still learning to make blythe clothing myself and although I haven't quite mastered it yet, my girls love to wear what I can make them. LOL! It seems I just don't have the time to really sit and practice at it as much as I would like to.

    It is so good to see you have a new friend! I know you must be so excited and happy. Janet is a very pretty girl, as is you. I love your new pearl necklace. It is very pretty and elegant. I see you are wearing matching earrings and a bracelet....very pretty indeed!

    1. Thank you so much, Rachel! It seems there never is enough time to do all one wants, is there? Jenn keeps suggesting that the day needs to be twice as long to get everything done!

      I am very much enjoying having Janet here, now I have someone to talk to when Jenn is busy doing other things :) Thank you for all of the compliments, you are so very kind!

  3. Hello Stella! I'm gad your friend Janet is now living with you. I've lived with friends during and after college and it was real fun. I miss them now that we live in different cities and countries.

    Your dresses are really nice. I try to do some sewing too for my girls but just like Rachel, I also haven't mastered it yet. You're both lucky you have Jenn to look after you. She doesn't only make elegant jewelries, but she sews real good too!

    I hope to hear more stories from you and Janet! :D